Who is he? Irina Shayk skips the confinement for this man


If Bradley Cooper exceeded the rupture with Irina Shayk in the hands of Lady Gaga –supposedly-, now it’s the turn to forget to Irina, who has already have found replacement for Bradley. Have caught on to the model bypassing the quarantine and in the company of a man.

Despite the appeal to american citizens to stay in their homes due to the virulence of the coronavirusIrina seems to have done a deaf ear to the recommendationssince he has been seen strolling calmly through the streets accompanied by Vito Schnabel, that was the ‘ex’ of the model Heidi Klum.

This is not the first time that Vito, an art dealer for 33 years, flirts with a famous from the likes of Irina, by your side have gone from models like Klum to actresses like Demi Moore or Amber Heard – the former of Johnny Depp– , a Don Juan that has now been done with the jewel in the crown.

The ‘ex’ of Cristiano Ronaldo and Vito enjoyed a walk prohibited the streets of New York until they arrived at the home of Vito, where they end their getaway enter the two in him.

What is certain is that in the view of the images can not speak of a waste of complicity in the couplebut knowing the fame of playboy Vito and the call of the authorities to stay at home in these moments, the assumptions and the rumors have not been able to avoid.

If it is finally confirmed the relationship, be the first to Irina 10 months after separating from the father of her daughter. The same is not true with the long history of the love of Vito, who they say likes women older than him, and that this time the age difference between them it is only a year.