What all of that is yours? Kimberly Loaiza wants you to see it from behind


Kimberly Loaiza he says he’s going to start a life more ‘fit, that which was following up to now not suitable for you, is what you have to work for a new sponsor. To that note the before and after the singer, Kimberly has made a picture of his back.

Just hold the 3 million of his visits his new single ‘Don’t be jealous’, the youtuber expected to reap success, but with this figure exceeds your expectations. The woman Juan de Dios Pantoja has taken the opportunity to thank this record.

Although everything seems to indicate that the title of the song is not specifically addressed to your partnerthere are those who say that the origin of the theme comes from the similarity of professions and the supposed biggest hit of the singer, even though Loaiza has not opened the mouth to desmentirlo.

And that after the scene of jealousy John of God Pantoja interpreted in one of the videos that rose to TikTok it was taken as a joke, a ‘sketch’ humorous of also the youtuber more than the representation of a real scene.

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Kimberly has joined the cast of Andrea Sword, Yarishna Ayala and some other most famous who use their physical attributes to to promote the same brand of energy drinksand to do this, it has been mesh adjusted, has been given the back and back has encouraged us to see it as well.

What is certain is that Kimberly toggles the facet of youtuber with the singer and now also with the brand imageit is logical to think that Juan de Dios Pantoja can be jealous of her, not at the level of both sentimental but also occupationally.

And is that Juan de Dios Pantoja does not have the same pull or the same qualities that Kimberly view of your back, test to see if you have the same success but from here since we anticipate that not going to be like.