Really? Jennifer Lopez displays the result of your new hobby


The only good that is going to have this season of confinement is going to be the discovery of the personal talents that we had hidden. Jennifer Lopez just teach us the result of your new hobby in which he says he invests a lot of time.

Both JLo as Alex Rodriguez try to do more bearable the running of the bulls with ideas of the most original, from the dancing in family until the challenges circulating on the network, test everything.

Thanks to a party impromptu and a peculiar thing, Alex has also played with the diva of the Bronx a baseball game thanks to which we discovered that move the bat is not given anything wrong.

And just when we thought we had seen it all, Rodriguez returns to surprise us when you upload a video to their own networks, in which you can see the result of your new hobbyJennifer has not had more remedy than to learn how to done the manicure herself.

If until now there was nothing that did not give him a bad singer, we just found out that done nails is something that is not good.

Accustomed to Tom Bachikthe only nail technician to which the singer allows you to do the manicure, JLo has been discovered that painting their nails is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

Bachik was in charge of putting on a multitude of Swarovski crystals on the hands to show them off at the gala of the Superbowland , along with the performance of the singer, her manicure was one of the most interesting things discussed.

For this reason, and after the disastrous result of his nails on the running of the bulls, Lopez he has promised to publicly that we will never return to rush Tom to finish his work.

Although it is wrong to say, it’s nice to know that JLo is not perfect at all, although it is only a matter of a manicure.