Paola Jara and costumes more fitted You risk, and you will see this!


The singer Paola Jara it is one of the most famous in his musical. From the age of 14 is dedicated to the genre of the ranchera in the that has succeeded greatly. The colombian was unveiled as the opening act and in a short time, he managed to make the jump to the fame. A musical career that blends in very well with their television appearances; without let pass the opportunity of the news thanks to their posts of Instagram in the that boasts everything that you can.

Lately it doesn’t stop being in the news for things that she doesn’t make a lot of grace, that is to say, his private life. His relationship with the singer Jessi Uribe has not started in the best possible way, despite the fact that none of the two want to reveal anything to the media. Are more in love than ever, but Paola does not stop lloverle criticism for being the cause of the divorce of president Uribe and his ex-wife with whom he has four children. Now the rumors are pointing in another direction and is in a possible wedding between the two singers that I would be organizing to in the coming year.

Paola owes his success to his early days in television thanks to the competition ‘Looking for interpreter’ I got to be one of the finalists. After his great leap to fame in his musical career got presenting the various programs at regional and national level in Colombia. Despite the fact that he doesn’t like to share their side more intimate and his private life; Paola Jara has also provided several interviews despite the fact that he has never wanted to talk about their relationship with Jessi Uribe.

After your new project introduced last year called ‘In your hands’ and their participation in the series ‘A bandit honored’ playing the character of Pamela; your new adventures for this 2020 have you seen postpuestas after the pandemic caused by the coronavirus that is causing havoc all over the world. The colombian has been one of the major driving forces behind their country’s motion #QuédateEnCasa, so we’ll have to wait for their new projects come to light, while both Paola will continue to delight all his fans with perched impossible in Instagram.