¡Insane! With Daddy Yankee is not going calm, and says it in a video


Now that tempers are fairly scrambled for all the world, just missing that Daddy Yankee appeared on the scene claiming that you lack the calm that has so often sung. Has been confined, yes, but so quite different the rest of humanity.

A few days ago met the silver wedding next to his wife, Mireddys Gonzalezand knowing the love that they profess the one by the other, the singer made use their social networks to re-make public his love stating “be getting sick of your love”.

For his part, his daughter Jessaelys Ayala said feeling hopeless by not being able to leave the house, and that the publications that it displays his ability to use make-up from your home continue to appear on their networks.

And with this whole panorama family, the puerto rican he has recorded a video in which he claims that it makes it very difficult to be confined, being locked at home does not find calm and that’s why he has decided to spend the quarantine at its boat.

The interpreter of ‘calmly’ says that has been creative when choosing ‘your house-skiing’ to keep the social isolation so as not to endanger anyone. Daddy Yankee believes that to be isolated in this way it is the only one that will allow you to “distract your mind and be in touch with nature by keeping the commandments”.

What is certain is that the form chosen by Daddy to pull away from the rest of the world has been one of the most original we’ve found so far – and only comparable to the situation that lives on Douglas Costa and Nathalia Felix – among all the celebrities who have commented on how to are living this situation.

What you have not told us the singer is the detail that will have been with his wife for 25 years together, because after the car he gave her for her birthday, has set the bar very high.