I move it again! Viktoria Varga wiggles as well in front of Graziano Pelle


Viktoria Varga it is fun and makes Graziano Pelle also, the couple passes this season in addition to all the challenges and have gotten. In the last of them Viktoria is not cut nor a light the wiggle in front of Graziano.

The front of the Shandong Luneng Taishan has been found in the model the best coach now that you can’t get out of the house, although the way to stay in shape has nothing to do with the style that Agustina Gandolfo used to ensure the good physical condition of Lautaro Martinez.

The model and the athlete have been linked to different ‘challenges’ in that the movement and the bobbing of the body is the common element to all of them.

The last of these challenges has been the #ohnananachallenge in which the couple has had to demonstrate that they are capable of move in unison while maintaining the rhythm.

The soundtrack for this challenge is in charge of Trolley R300 and the challenge is to raise the left foot of Viktoria with the left foot Graziano, and the right with the right as it sounds each beat of the theme, the dance is further complicated when there is to be rotated, and the feet have to match.

It is not known if a soccer player and model have tried a lot before you upload your dance to their networks, but what is certain is that the way in which it wags Viktoria in front of Graziano it is too perfect to have devoted little time.

To be honest neither Graziano does nothing wrong, and the synchrony in the feet on the part of the dancers is amazing!

Viktoria he is interested in his followers at this time, and encourages them to tell you who they are past the quarantine, and what they do for fun, viéndoles to them and the way they move, what do the rest at home seem to minutiae.