Fight and slap included!, the spectacle of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian


‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’ it has become one of the ‘reality shows’ with more seasons and who has more followers. After the fight starring two of the sisters, by Kim and by Kourtney Kardashiannow you know some more details of the clash not seen on the screen.

The clash started because of the decision of Kourtney go spacing out their appearances on the ‘reality’, he was worried about his sons and what he could get to his ears after 24 hours a day of exposure to the public.

Kim for his part you don’t understand the decision your sister, if Kourtney was leaving the ‘reality’the ‘show‘it was lame because the family was not at full. The accusation of lack of commitment on the part of Kourtney that was the beginning, from here there was a verbal battle that ended with the sisters coming to the hands.

In a recent interview, the wife of Kanye West he spoke of the impact that we had this fight, the first and most noticeable is that for a week the recording of the program stopped because of the clan were not able to share scenes together.

Kim has also stated that they took a while to be able to reconcile and that although it was not because they were deleted scenes, in the fight there were some scratches and some blood.

The message that Koutney has made public on their social networks, “it is difficult for me to see these first two episodes, but it is in our darkest moments that the growth occurs. I finally had the courage to change what no longer was bringing me happiness and put my time and energy on what is. So choose happiness!”, given to understand that finally –and as is his desire- it’s going to disappear show after 13 years in it.

The decision of Kourtney now account with the approval Kim, want to give a show, but not as predominant.