Victoria Lomba it exceeds! the bigger size is still a she!


During the time we have been without exit to the street Victoria Lomba has not given signs of life, all your work has been affected by the current situationalthough just leave us clear that the title of the bigger size remains yours.

With the closure of the gymnasiums and sports centers, Victoria has seen its income plummet, influencer it has several training centres in Madrid these days have been forced to close their doors.

Exit to the street wearing outfits more small and quirky to after uploading the photos to their networks it is also not an option in the current situation.

And the idea of publicize products from their own house has never gone with her. To be able to to ensure its solvencyVictoria has been forced to return to the style of publications that are released and in your own home.

Unlike Yanet Rodriguez or other celebrities who have taken advantage of the lockdown to develop sports applicationsVictoria, nor has it been exercised in your home or has thought about developing an app, from the beginning of the confinement the movement of the Lomba in networks has been rather scarcewhat has reduced to the minimum expression.

Keep in touch with their followers is essential in a profession like yours, that’s why wanted to remind all of her fans that she still has the bigger size with a publication in which takes a few shorts very young to go to bed.

Or the mood of Victory during the quarantine or their activities are worthy of praise, though theirs are appreciative of the reminder of his size. When you re-open their businesses and traveling the world with their outfits impossible sure that the smile returns to his face.