Steven Spielberg has another of its occurrences in the full quarantine


The film director Steven Spielberg continues devanándose brains out in full confinement. His recent suggestion that Vin Diesel go to the address now adds another will delight the most moviegoers.

It is not known if it is the excess of free time these days or as a method of escape after learning that your daughter wants to dedicate himself to the cinema for adultsbut the case is that Spielberg anda planted and ideas, each more brilliant.

Its last occurrence involving the American Film Institute and it would be to create a kind of online video storethe AFI Movie Club, with which try to make more bearable the social isolation to which we are obliged.

The idea is that film buffs from all over the world can enjoy during these days of the classic of all life, on-line and without the need to subscribe to anything or have to pay to see it.

To start this cycle special, the first film selected by Steven has been one of the greatest memories they bring. With Judy Garland and ‘The wizard of Oz’ it will facilitate the return to the childhood of everyone who dares to view it.

From now on, the American Film Institute will be in charge of selecting the rest of the tapesa classic a day that may be accessible directly from a link on the website of AFI.

The film streaming and the different applications that are devoted to it have become the alternative most suitable for the lovers of the seventh art in the current situation. Through the viewing of films on-line sand is intended to counter the effects that will have the locks of the rooms by the coronavirus.

For now, there is alternatives plenty of room to be up to date on everything that premieres are concerned, the classic takes care of Steven.