Really? Lindsay Lohan returns after 15 years missing


The singer and actress Lindsay Lohan has returned to public life after leaving his career in stand-by in favor of the controversial. According to their social networks, Lohan has returned and this time to sing.

The resurgence the interpreter has been unexpected and has caught everyone by surprise, accustomed to the behavior of the actress, expected, any output of tonebut not return to his career.

Lohan have deleted their profiles all their previous publications and it has left only one in which he announces his return, his followers have interpreted as a new beginningas the resurgence of the actress.

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Im back! 👀

A publication shared Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) the

Lindsay it’s another one of the broken toys of Disney that began to lend his image in tv ads to 3 years. He got hold of a name as a performer and once it happened to the music, debuting with the album ‘Speak’.

Between the times that caught driving drunk and the amount of little substances legal that were circulating through his body the career of Lindsey began to plummet until now, when with the message “Im back” again to leave us as surprised as he was doing his crazy things.

Of his return we know nothing more than what the protagonist of ‘Mean Girls’ account in the publication of Instagram, through Twitter, the singer has posted a link to their official page thanks to which your fans will be able to save your new single on Spotify, before it is available for sale.

With only 33 years Lohan knows what it’s like to be on the crest of the wave and hit bottom, it seems that he returns with a desire to return to the most high, and not based on scandals, personal or family, but thanks to his music. We’ll see in what remains of this attempt.