Monica Naranjo-no nothing! The video that has broken Instagram


Since the pandemic began, Monica Naranjo it has become the soundtrack of all that we stayed home. To celebrate 20 years the song that has become hymn ofl confinement Monica Naranjo he has published a video in which don’t wear anything.

Without trying, the Spanish has achieved its theme ‘Am I going to survive’ belonging to the album ‘Minage’ and released two decades ago sound every evening without fail, at 20:00 hours at the radio station Cadena Dial and in the balconies of the whole of Spain.

Recognizes that present the first edition of ‘The island of the temptations’ ” it was a challenge but once tested has no intention of repeating the experiencenow you prefer to continue with their program ‘Monica naked’ but from his home, due to the confinement and thanks to the direct from Instagram.

And of course the tenor of his publications continues to recording music, testing new sounds and rhythms and taking advantage of the time and the ideas that are emerging these days.

To thank the resurgence of ‘am I going to survive’ the singer he has recorded a video in his house, with a natural image, and without all the makeup with that Monica has been directed to their core.

The encounter of the artist with his audience of Valladolid or Sevilla has been postponed until the month of may –in principle – to the expectation that by then the news of the coronavirus are quite different as they are now.

The singer says that in his family are all very optimistic and that the secret to lead the bulls with a positive attitude is humor, laugh at being confined and give thanks can do so.

Just recognize that the first thing you will do in terms of the lifting of the confinement will be run out to buy sushi, without fixing, with the face clean and without any makeupas it looks now, says he is dying to eat japanese food, and that it matters little to him if they see it on the street as it is now, without a fix.

Thanks for putting voice to these days, and I wish I can go to for that sushi fast