It was the head! The confinement begins to take a toll on Shakira


Lead locked up at home for more than 15 days begins to pass bill to some, apparently Shakira it is one of those affected. Just posted a message on that note, the wife of Pique you need to stepping on the street with haste.

Shak and Pique were one of the first in stop making ‘normal life’ even before it was issued by the state of alarm. They took their children to the international school where they are enrolled, and the four went to one of their properties.

What is certain is that the barranquilla it has become one of the voices that more defends the ‘I #MeQuedoEnCasa’ following the health recommendations. Even in an act of supreme kindness, Shakira has stopped producing the perfume to start to make the gel hand sanitizer that both is scarce now.

So surprised that through their networks has proposed new measures during the quarantine, which suggests that as with the pets, the children are able to go to the street accompanied by an adult.

“Knowing the situation of parents with small children in this difficult period of quarantine, I empathize with those who do not have an outdoor space or balcony for their children to breathe fresh air” so begins a message that for nothing follows the line of what we are required to comply.

Compared to the number of followers that have shown their disagreement, singers like Luis Fonsi or Beatriz Luengo have applauded the occurrence of Shak.

Disoriented –as you all – for taking so long confined, the Colombian seems to have forgotten that children are a vector of transmission of the disease that, as she says, they need sun and fresh air, but that will have to wait for the siituación improve to be able to enjoy them on the street.

For the moment, we have no terrace or garden we settle to poke your head out the window, sure that in the case of Shak not this happens.