Andrea Valdiri disguises himself as a schoolgirl with a little skirt way too small!


Andrea Valdiri still having the same desire to party before the emergence of the coronavirus, it is seen that the crisis facing the world is not going with her. To that note, your character remains the same, the colombian it has been disguised as a schoolgirl wearing a very short skirt.

The scandals the dancer and the holidays that you mount in your house have made that even the police have had to visit his home on several occasions due to complaints from their neighbors.

The noise coming from your house and the revelry constants are the main problems of coexistence that point those who live next to it. To learn the influencer the discomfort of the community has answered your way and dropping any insultbecause according to what he says, when something bothers you doesn’t know to shut him up.

Some neighbors refer to as scandal everything that happens under the roof of Andrea without knowing the half of the things that occur in the floor of the ballerina. To sample the costume party of today in which the choreographer has set a thought-provoking costume of schoolgirl with a skirt pictures very short.

This is not the first time that the tone of voice or the expletives of ‘LaValdiri’ the get in trouble.

Recently posted a video on the social network, TikTok and all his followers reacted with plenty of displeasure the way to laugh at Andrea and tone outrageous he did, even the own partner in the video was starstruck to verify up to where you can get Valdiri for attention.

If the neighborhood found out that Andrea just make a contest in that the first prize is a liposculpture complete with contouring we don’t want to get an idea of what could happen.

At the end Andrea will play lower the tone of voice, with or without the parties… or move to another neighborhood.