We are missing several teeth! Luisa Fernanda W smiles and… we will see!


Luisa Fernanda W is living an authentic honeymoon confined to his house, Pipe Good he is at your side and the fondling not missing. But in addition to the influencer recognize that these days of confinement would have been good to do an exercise in introspection and take a look at your past. In one of the photographs of years ago Luisa Fernanda appeared with a tooth of less.

Now that he had picked up his run as singer and that ‘So am I’ be heard in all the chains, the bride of Pipe has been forced to cancel all the concerts that I had set in Mexico because of the Covid-19 and for the moment it is not known when it will be able retomarlos.

Therefore surprising that during these days in their social networks there is no publication of it by making use of your voice and that change itself has as cook or asking for recommendations of recipes salmon.

In one of these periods of confinement Luisa Fernanda has recovered pictures and videos of when she was a girl and he had fallen several teeth. He has not hesitated to share the memories with their followers who have been very grateful for the gesture with messages of what is most loving.

The pair of singers has been one of the latest to join the ‘couple challenge’ responding with him questions about their relationship without the use of words, with eyes closed and only using gestures.

Now as they can only respond to the gossip circulating about the course of pregnancy Luisa Fernanda after the influencer publish photographs in which you see it with something more volume in the area of the belly.

The same thing ‘throw back Thursday’ or to return to its past with a photograph of when a few missing teeth it is a clue to your state or perhaps as it was only another way of killing time, because with Luisa Fernanda and Pipe you never know.