Selena Gomez as never been seen. A piercing skill with the hands!


Selena Gomez is always news. There is no gesture or action to make the american who is left without impact. He has millions of fans and to his facet as a singer, now you have to add it to that of a television producer. Never get tired of working despite health problems that have always accompanied.


At the beginning of this 2020 Selena came back to get hard. After three years of hiatus there were many eager to come back to listen to it. On the disk were at the Selena more personal. Many, if not most of the songs, they talk about her and her life. There is a song dedicated to her ex Justin Bieber.

The album, called Rare, became number one in downloads all over the world and number one in sales. In Spain, reached number three in both positions, but he was number one in the united States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Argentina, Canada… the pull of the singer is, as we can see, the world.

Was in the news yesterday because the american gave me like two publications to her ex, Justin Bieber. What would have been reconciled in these moments of panic world by the Coronavirus? Nothing to do, apparently. Minutes after the I like you had disappeared. Perhaps look around too much since the sofa of the house leads to these “problems” in social networks. The hands begin to go it alone without thinking with the head.

And is that Selena, as we have been able to see in your account in Instagram, have a special skill with the hands. We have been taught as it has been cooking and the truth, what paints have their dishes!

A lot of green, we can see that it is cared for to perfection by eating vegetables, but also a good turkey and good potatoes. A perfect meal that is sure to have enjoyed the singer in good company.

The artist teaches us your privacy and your kitchen while cooking in her pajamas. Is there anything better than Instagram for this time of confinement? Put it in doubt.