It adhered to no end! Lina Tejeiro is allowed to photograph it from behind!


Lina Tejeiro is taking advantage of the time to stay in shape at homeand that since it has discovered TikTok and the possibilities it offers, not to use the app. After you finish your daily workout we have been of stone at her back and wearing a monkey of the most snug.

The actress tries to take the confinement with optimism doing to their followers partakers of his day-to-day and showing that despite the situation you can still live nice moments, such as the video call in direct to Andy Garcia we did a few days ago and that would the confirmation of the return of the couple.

Lina he became the scourge the current president of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, to be one of the famous faces that publicly more pressured to the representative with the intention that ordered by the quarantine to prevent the virus to achieve the level of spread in other areas of the planet.

And in 19-day –finally – and have so far been established as restrictive measurein addition to the tribute journal to the health of all the world, Lina it continues giving a good account of their routines sports to achieve the objective it set a long time ago.

It is not easy to be happy to all their fans and that is why sometimes receives nasty comments on the way he is taking your body in favor of their musclesbut many of them reculan after seeing Lina from behind carrying a monkey set to no.

Though try to keep the type at the time of responding to all who criticize, in the last few days have been given to know the replicas –little lucky and outputs of tone – of the actress, several followers that commented on the excessive dedication of Lina to the sport.

Sure when you see it from behind in this photo, and carrying the monkey who leads, you change your way of thinking.