As she did not there are two! The idea of Emilia Clarke to fight off the virus


In times of crisis the wit is heightened and the creativity is done with the power. The actress Emilia Clarke has been the latest to unveil his initiative to combat the coronavirurs.

If Rihanna has donated $ 5 million dollars and Angelina Jolie also has put at the disposal of the needs another juicy amount of money, the mother of dragons series ‘Game of Thrones’ has had an idea of what is most humorous to raise funds and that consists of auction off a dinner virtual with it.

With the excuse to share a table, Emilia aims to increase the amount of available cash for the background help ‘Covid-19 of Same of you’ and to this end has launched a message in the form of a video through its account of Instagram.

“How would you feel having dinner with me virtually?” This is the question that Emilia has launched to kick-start the initiative with that aims to reach the figure of 250 thousand pounds sterling that will be used for the acquisition of material doctor.

As the current situation prevents any type of meeting, if you reach the figure marked Emilia seleccionará randomly to 12 lucky ones with which to share a time with the stove, a good chat and a dinner of the most fun but in streaming.

In addition to the purchase of medical equipment, Clarke aims to get its help to two clinics, to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Clinic and to the UCL Communication Clinic in the United Kingdom and who are committing themselves to give psychological support to those people who have recovered from coronavirus.

To be able to participate in the draw for this dinner, in addition to donate an amount that there are not the minimum, players will need to enter your profile on Instagram where you will find the link to be able to compete.

In difficult times any kind of help is goodalthough not all ideas are as original as those of Emilia.