The dance ¡irresistible! of Daniella Semaan mad at Fabregas


The couple formed by Daniella Semaan and Cesc Fabregas has become to make public the complicity there is between them. Daniella has just proved that know how to move the hips to leave Fabregas and all the way you look at it alucinandos.

The model and the midfielder of AS Monaco have been found in the dance a way to make it more bearable confinement. To the rhythm of the song ‘Hips dont lie’ of Shakiramarriage has been a while very funny trying to imitate the wiggles of barranquilla.

While the lebanese have shown that is very good at dancingthe footballer has not had much luck, although it has been defended as best has been able. The comments of his followers have not been made wait, and while they praise the ability to dance to it also removed merit to the attempts to move away from Cesc.

They they are not the only couple that uses the themes of Shak to enliven the quarantine. Catherine Zeta-Jones has been one of the celebrities who has taken hand of his musical repertoire to surprise their fans with their choreography trying to imitate the movements women’s Pique at the dance.

In the time we have been confinement at home, Daniella and Cesc have been added to different ‘challenges’ to pass the time, the last of them a ‘couple challenge’ with the that have had that answer different questions about their relationship without opening the mouth, with eyes closed and only indicating with the finger.

Shakira is thrilled to serve as the soundtrack to the running of the bulls and as you have learned the dance from Daniella and Cesc has labeled the couple and shared the moment through their networks.

As there are still days to stay at home, it is possible that Cesc can refine your steps if you ask his wife, who becomes her dance teacher.