Ricky Martin reculó and gave her another chance, what is the fault of love?


Ricky Martin it is one of the artists with the calendar more packed, everyone wants to collaborate musically with him and few are the lucky ones, and not because he doesn’t want to. The lack of time he was about to give to the fret with the collaboration just take you to the top, but fortunately reculó and given another opportunity to Sebastian Yatra.

The past 26 of march he went out to the light the new work of this pair of singers, ‘Lack of love’ reaching in a matter of hours the first few posts.

Both were clear from minute one that the collaboration between them I was going to be a successthey recorded the theme and left pending the recording of the video clip –fundamental in this subject – due to problems of agenda.

After much insisting Yatra to Martin on the issue that were pending, Ricky told her that due to timetable issues, I would not be able to carry out the recording of the video clip as it was in the middle of his tour ‘Movement’ and the clip did not fit within their concerts.

The couple from argentina Tini Stoessel decided then to do so only thus losing part of the appeal and of the advertising that would be to have the two singers. But just before the start of the solo recording, Ricky what he thought best, he managed to organize his schedule and accompany them on the recording Yatra.

In charge of designing the video clip had to to make several settings to be able to include the interpreter of the song ‘I miss You, te olvido, te amo’, since that only counted with the presence of Yatra.

Although the topic has been premiered in full quarantine and the video clip was recorded some time ago, the very same Sebastian believes that the story told is a premonition of the current situation.

In the video clip Yatra comes out of its ash and recovering slowly from the lack of love, as he says himself, this is what is going to happen in the world after the fight against the coronavirus.