It’s too tight! Yanet Garcia returns to television with those tights!


Although it is confined in your house Los Angeles, Yanet Garcia has returned by video conferencing the program that he left, ‘Today’to offer a series of tips that will make us more easier to deal with the running of the bulls. Has become the screens most curve-hugging for guidance on routines sports.

The mexican knows that now prevail the exercises simple but effectivefor this reason, the examples that he gives us can be done with children or as she, with her pet.

Yanet is one of the first celebrities who dare to speak of the anxiety we can come to feel trapped at home, that encourages us to take care of in the first place, the power so you can take care … thoughts and indicates the practice of exercise as something that is essential to get rid of it.

The athlete also remember the importance of taking care of the immune system in these moments, and gives you some guidelines to keep us strong and healthy.

That is why he has taken advantage of the invitation to your old program to get the meshes tighter and advertise the app that has been created to keep you in shape not only for toning the body but for to develop the ability of concentration and go reducing little by little the anxiety.

The product designed by Yasmin it is not the typical app full of exercises that one has just abandoned, the influencer also offers advice for getting the most out of the movements and that the results do not take in to be seen.

In these moments, the emergence of applications in sports, he has become in the business in which virtually all the celebrities invest. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky they just give free access for 60 days to his own, newly launched on the market, and Yanet also been made available to the public, but low-cost.

Of time the only thing that has offered so altruistic has been the master class on athletic training leading to the meshes closer that it has found in your closet.