¡Amazing! Oriana Sabatini passed the quarantine in the house with this outfit!


Oriana Sabatini is going through one of his best moments, just confirm that both she and Paulo Dybala have given positive in the test of the Covid-19. Well and in isolation, but the actress has wanted to raise awareness of the importance of hand washing with a outfit able to leave us with the mouth open.

Just submit your new single ‘Bad’ that is part of the simple ‘Full moon’available in digital platforms since last Friday, and he has made known to their followers by means of a playback’ home.

For to avoid speculation on your state of health and on the front of the Juventus of Turinthe singer has recorded a video in which he explains how he found and what were the symptoms that led you to apply for take the test. On the 31st of march will take the necessary tests to confirm that you have been cured.

For its part, his partner believes that it is possible that he was the first in getting the disease in the locker room Juventus where several companions of the team of the player also presented symptoms.

That is why Oriana has become a a strong supporter of the washing of handsof the confinement and follow to the letter the instructions of the health authorities, you know to take advantage of their condition of public character and use an outfit that enhances all its beauty to make this appeal is a success.

The daughter of Catherine Fulop and Osvaldo Sabatini has inherited both the beauty and ability of interpretation of his mother, has already made that clear with the series ‘Allies’. Now she combines her newly released music side with their work as a modeland although now we touch to be at home finishing off to recover, never more get of long shots even if it is only to recommend that we wash the hands.