Stop by soils at Issa las Vegas ¡Cristina Hurtado boasts ‘outfit’!


Latin american television is in a constant struggle by getting the best presenters. A good product enhances the hearing of the programs, and they all want to have the best professionals. The colombian Cristina Hurtado is among the most winners and acclaimed, currently as much in television as in radio, without leaving your account Instagram on the presumption that each time he can of his physical worked.

A proven career on the television screen which has led him to present the program currently ‘Warriors’, many years in the business we have become one of the presenting most famous of Latin america. With two programs, two children to take care, hours in the gym and constant training, we have not yet discovered where she gets the time Cristina to cope with all their activities. “Their days are longer than the rest!

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In Instagram in addition has more than 4.6 million followers to that delights every time you have occasion to post something off-color tone. 36 years is located in his best time, enjoying a fruitful stage in both professional and personal, with her relationship with Josse Narvaez, the father of their two small. The new projects do not cease to arise, and is one of the most requested without a doubt.

Their work and family life are not their only concerns. The colombian still forming at the University and is also an entrepreneur, with your own brand underwear, swimwear and makeup. A busy life that combines very well with your side ‘influencer’ in the social networks. If perching there and outfits there freak out to your followers. A few photos that many times are left with the mouth open to more than one, and that is Cristina boasts with all of the law and zero shame. You don’t have competition!