“It’s huge!”. Claudia Alende teaches that, and the likes are multiplied


Claudia Alende is a brazilian who found fame due to her beauty, which was recognized for being so close to the Hollywood actress, Megan Fox. In your account of Instagram already has more than 9 million, after more than 6 years in the world of social networking.

Their photos tend to be sexy, dressed in tight, short, or let to see a lot of skin. It is also dedicated to making tutorials for makeup and music. On this occasion, the model revolutionized the network when you show your body so shameless.

Appeared in front of the mirror with wet hair. He was wearing a white top and a cotton trousers to the waist. In your nail design neon green and black made it look as wild as always. In terms of makeup, he noticed the shadows on your eyelids with shades of pink; on the arch of the eyebrows, on the outside of the tear and the raised area of the cheekbones, put in highlights, which gave his skin an unreal appearance. However, what caused the furor was that he pulled out his tongue huge in a gesture of shameless. An image that earned him thousands of likes.

Claudia Alende faces stereotypes

It was not among your plans to be a model, things just came and she took advantage of the opportunities offered him life. About its beginning, Alende account that: I found myself with the modeling when I moved from my hometown to Sao Paulo. I realized this beauty contest and I saw the opportunity to distance myself from the life I was supposed to have in my hometown. I wanted something different for my life, and the contest was the opportunity, a means to an end.

However, in the process of being a public figure, Claudia Alende he admits that he has been offended several times by false stereotypes. In this regard, says: Because I have “good appearance” I don’t have brain. That is the worst. In school I had grades impeccable. I got maximum points in 9 of every 10 of my tests of biology. I consider myself a nerd. Regardless of the form in which it was judged by some, this influencer has proven to be very smart in order to grow in business and in your career.