Antonella Roccuzzo is not what you think it is Sofia Balbi overwhelms him with this photo!


In the Barca dressing room have happened to many of the problems in the last few years, something which has impacted between the relationships of the wives of the players. Pass a lot of time together in games or travel with their partners and their children where they forge great friendships. Something like this has happened to Antonella Roccuzzo and Sofia Balbi, now they are virtually inseparable even with their children of by means. Although from time to time have starred in some pique in social networks.

This time has been through Instagram, rising both a very similar photo of their respective families, as well as if they were becoming the competition. In both shots compliment to their husbands by the father’s day with a post in which they are accompanied, of all their little ones. It is impossible not to be compinchadas to upload virtually the same photo. But otherwise, we don’t know how she will be sitting at Antonella that copy, despite the fact that it is one of her best friends. The duel is served!

Do not only match on the same events, but also they invite each other to their homes, so it is not surprising that all were agreed upon between the two. Antonella Roccuzzo it is usually not very receptive to that you copied and it is one of the women more competitive in all, despite the fact that in the case of Sofia sure that you forgive. They are best friends!

The friendship does not stop there, both were launched together to the adventure of the business world a few years ago and have a clothing company RoccBal that is succeeding. Even their children are friends with each other, it is clear that the couple Suarez-Messi it goes far beyond the scope of football and both cracks. We are aware of the war that may unleash between the two with the arrival of summer and their desire to boast of the hot body. The battle between the two is served!