The new video of Lali Exposito ¡busting Instagram!


Try if you want to imitate an artist of the caliber of Beyoncé it is a task extremely complicated. An adventure so arduous that few of the other dare if you want to try it out given its difficulty, despite the fact that once in a while someone surprises everyone. This is the case of Lali Exposito, that in your last post Instagram has turned upside down the nets with his dance the style of the american.

The singer and actress argentina has encouraged his followers to save the quarantine with a video that mimics the choreography of Beyoncé with a great perfection. A good way to ask people to stay at home we wanted to share Expósito. In addition, the dance steps have been accompanied by a costume little plenty with a small black top and a bottom of the leopard, who also has a lot of fabric; a set that it has revolutionized all their followers.

Since his leap to fame after his role in the series ‘Almost Angels’, Lali Exposito decided to embark on a new adventure with the musical group that was derived from such a program, the band pop ‘Teen Angels’. A project that ended up launching his musical career solo that was started in the year 2013, since then has been known combine very well with her work as an actress. The argentina has participated in several series and movies since then, going even by the scope of the theater.

A career that has been plagued by successes reaching out to collaborate with many of the greats of Latin music as Karol G, Thalia or Becky G. Has not yet presented any of his new projects this year, but surely that is defer given the current situation in the entire world. For the moment it seems that argentina will be entertained by raising the temperature in the networks boasting of their physical care, without nothing to envy to no one and with a unique style with which you can even imitate the very Beyoncé.