The crazy party that have been mounted Karol G and Anuel AA


The singer Karol G it is one of the most famous artists of the Latin music. The success became a fact for every one of their songs that, without greater effort, top the lists of reproductions. His relationship with the singer Anuel AA it is so well known and supported as any other, and is that not only they are a couple but partners.

Like many other times, their posts are worthy of appearing on every news.

Recently, Karol posted a video of both that made him laugh more than 12 million people. Many singers reacted to his parody, including Cardi B, who said I love you. But this time there would be laughter the natural reaction, but impact. Many are wondering how they dared.

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LILO & STITCH ūü•∂ūüź∑

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It is a photo in which they appear together in bed. Anuel is dressed in a pajama of the Disney cartoon, Stitch. On his face wearing a cap mouths and over his head the hood. Lying down, while the singer appears at his side sitting on his legs. The colombian was not intended to look tender or childof course, her pose leaves the sight of his great figure wrapped in a pyjama pink.

Karol G and Anuel AA make jokes in quarantine

Due to the most recent events, they both had to cancel concerts and musical projects, which disappointed many. Although by luck remain very active in their networks, and dedicated herself to lighten the mood with funny comments for your followers.

To reduce the tension, Karol G he commented in a funny way that: I should have perreado more down the last time I went out. After this we quarantine inverted… 15 days without going to the house. In turn, Anuel AA is quiet and he expressed it in the following way: All over the world desperate, locked with the quarantine and I put into practice my experience of the prison keeping calm. Demonstrate different points of view as to the receipt at home, but both valid. When do we see you again on stage?