The amazing photo of Kylie Jenner that confirms it go back to being single!


Fame can get to ride up to the head and living in a bubble foreign to the society. Something like this is what can be felt in the clan Kardashian and your way of life using their reality; with a national and international success. One of the people who have been benefited enormously by the fame of this program has been Kylie Jenner. Model, businesswoman, designer and ‘influencer’ since she jumped to the fame thanks to its appearances in the program of the family Kardashian.

Kylie moved to Los Angeles since she was of age and now shares her routine with her daughter Stormi. Despite the fact that according to the media and maintained a relationship with Travis Scott again, his nephew has confirmed that both you are not together. What evil starts evil ends, or in this case, neither if you want to start again. Despite all the rumors that pointed to a second chance, a revelation that has not liked the clan Kardashian. Confrimado later with a post of Kylie with the one that popped Instagram.

It was Mason, the son of Kourtney Kardashian who through Instagram confirmed that their relationship had finish or that I had never gotten to be reinitiated. A revelation that caused them to be close your account a few hours later, probably because her mother did not want him to escape more family secrets live.

Now, Kylie is still focused on taking care of the best way to your small and to enjoy as much of it as of your family. A clan Kardashian that has been very much attacked in the last few weeks for the situation that has caused the arrival of the coronavirus to United States, even to hire a private physician to check the health of all its members against the possible spread of Khloe. Have confirmed that will help in any way they can to combat this virus, and who wish with all their forces that it can go back to the normal as soon as possible.