Paola Jara teaches your dog (and nobody looks at the dog)


Paola Jara is a singer very famous of the genre rancheras. From early ages have admired the art and the music, starting from the adolescence to participate in events college students. In those moments, I found the taste to singing as a profession to devote the rest of his life. Currently, it has many followers in Instagram, which are updated every time that you can with great photos.

A few days ago, taking advantage of the movement #yomequedoencasa, Paola posted a photo with his dog. Looks just as splendid as always, her makeup simple, highlighting her features and illuminates the party more exciting. His dress consisted of a white blouse with short sleeves and a jeans black that fits your silhouette perfectly. Da an image very youth itselfis why the little dog appears as a toy in the background. The smile and posture of Jara overshadow everything.

In the post, the colombian says the following: I sincerely hope that these days take advantage of them to do all the things that we always say is that I don’t have time; Saquémosle the positive side of things. With which motivates his followers to see the good side of the quarantine mandatory to prevent the spread of the virus. It is important that each person knows how to internalize the why of these measures and abide by them most satisfactorily as possible.

The feared requirement for Paola Jara

The singer in one of his projects is a juror of the colombian program To another level, which is based on selecting a group of singers and to assess their performance through presentations where they challenge each other. After each emission, are eliminated until the winner is a great recognition and a lot of money.

In the last chapter that has been issued for the current season, Paola Jara it was challenged as a judge fair bit. Performed a critical unconscionable to one of the participants, who interpreted Halo of Beyoncé. After the presentation, many thought they valued the effort of the interpreter the focus in that was to take her dress during the dance. Your talent makes you set the bar very high for the rest.