Mariah Carey, revives one of its greatest traumas in its 50th birthday


The singer Mariah Carey has been and is an icon and a cultural reference in the united States for its many successes throughout his long career. Is the only singer that has four numbers one in the list of american successesthe Billboard, in four different decades. There is nothing. And is that the new york more than thirty years of musical career has sold over 200 million albums.


Aside from all the money that goes for their ongoing activity (in addition singer also produces) could do absolutely nothing during the 365 days of the year from the labour point of view and even so it would still logging about two billion euros because of the rights that he possesses as the owner of one of their biggest hits: All I want for Christmas is you”.

But if there is something that is known to the new yorkin addition to his songs, it is by the outputs of tone that you have every little time, which give rise to all sorts of memes, jokes and statements of those people it affects. As much as the years pass will never forget one occasion in which the american replied that “I don’t know” when he was asked in a program of the american television Jennifer Lopez. T-shirts were made with the reaction of the artist that of course yes I knew that since then became his arch-enemy, at least in the opinion of the press.

Well, which for many is one of the best voices in the history of music, you will spend your 50th birthday confined in his mansion in Beverly Hills because in the State have already taken the relevant measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as soon as possible. This it will be the second confinement that live singer since at the beginning of the 90’s Mariah had to do a quarantine to be infected with your sister HIV.