Jimena Sanchez amazes with a photo lying down without anything underneath!


Forget about Jimena Sanchez it seems like a mission impossible, because their weapons of seduction are limitless. But if some of your followers had any doubt of its beauty, has decided to surprise you with a photo lying down without anything underneath. Art of networking in a pure state which brought out the mexican.

Referring to day 9 of quarantine, the host of Fox Sports did not miss the opportunity to show how you’re doing. According to what you can see, your house gives the possibility of going out to take the sun as if it were a holiday.

With a hairstyling institute and a face to be seductive, Jimena took the decision to leave a part of their rear, which is considered as the Kim Kardashian of mexican. Do you now understand the resemblance?

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#dia9 🦩

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Many are already amazed to see it and it did not disappoint with its spectacular feature. The likes yes that flooded the publication with the lack of comments supported. Another point in favor to the model is its way to raise awareness to all who pass by your profile.

Jimena Sanchez becomes part of the solution

There is much talk, but they are not all that make a contribution with actions. Jimena decided to bring it to his 7.7 million followers on Instagram the recommendations against the coronavirus.

Part of his words were: Before the pandemic of the covid-19, we have issued a series of recommendations, among them to avoid leaving the house, but if you do, there is also a protocol for when you get back. When you get home try not to touch anything. Not before you wash hands very well. Is to take off your shoes, have a space for them at the entrance, and you wear flip-flops (crocs in my case haha).

Jimena Sanchez since your terrain is becoming part of the solution and not the problem. With celebrities setting the example as she did, the return to normalcy is close.