It’s impossible not to look at all of that! Melina Ramirez dazzles us with their shorts!


Melina Ramirez just meet 30 years locked up in her house, the party that I was organizing has been postponed until further notice. As the day comes to celebrate the model has presented its followers with a profile photo and in shorts.

It is known that Juan Manuel Mendozathe actor that recently it has been linkedagreed to this date and ran to congratulate you. What is sure is that your ‘ex’, Matthew Carvajal, have had the same rush that Mendoza call it by its day.

According to Melina, Juan Manuel and she are learning and according to the actor, the model and him are something more than special friends, so seen, or they themselves are clear what they are. And despite this, the model has already started to share in their networks photos of both together.

What is true is that Melina has exceeded its break with Carvajal, to day of today the father of your child is your past.

Melina blows the veins in quarantine, but unlike other compatriots that lead days showing how they intend to help in these moments, Ramirez has not open the mouth.

The only allusion to the current situation has been ask for recommendations from your followers about movies, series or documentaries to make more bearable their confinement, though to do so has been a few shorts with which it is impossible neither to stop looking nor to give recommendations.

You should remember that your business project of protein they are also going to be affected by the virus, which although you may be able to leave us amazed with their shorts, the economy is going to resent it and your brand ‘Go-up’ could not have the success you expected.

By what seen Melina now you don’t mind that, just want to see the television, discover new series and nothing more.