“It couldn’t be bigger!”. Jailyne Ojeda teaches his brutal size


The model Jailyne Ojeda cause revolutions in networks. Your curves prominent you have been given the opportunity to become the example of many, as well as in the platonic love of so many others. You Decide to display your body in every post.

This was the case of some pictures where it appears with all of the body was stuffed into a suit, which fits like a second layer of skin to your silhouette. The star was in profile, behind her you see a pool and possessed the light of the sun to your favor. The onesie that covered her body was the color beige long sleeves with a large opening in his abdomen. In addition, accentuated her tiny waist with a belt Gucci. What most stands out is her pose, making it possible to observe ass that are as big as those of Kim Kardashian.

Their fans always describe her as a woman with a beauty beyond what is normal.

Jailyne Ojeda shows his sad past

The instagrammer, despite defending his private life and be as careful as possible comments very personal, has decided to create a YouTube channel. His first video is titled Finally I open. Throughout the video, talks about some of his personal experiences more traumatic. Says: There is so much that people don’t know me that I don’t even know where to start.

Start telling the story of how he began to change his body, was developed much faster than expected, because at the age of 11 was the highest of her class, and her curves were beginning to notice. The problems that came after that, the Bullying and the contempt that he had other girls to take the attention of the older guys, she was isolated from everything and use loose clothing to try not to draw attention. There were occasions in which he was about to cry in the video.

Yes that changed his life for Jailyne Ojeda. What they will think today of his former classmates?