What other idea of yours? Shakira stops producing scent and is passed to the gel


To Shakira the quarantine is not going to come to evil of all, in addition to discover that Pique is very good at playing the racket, has returned to resume his studies of philosophy. During these days has also decided to leave the production of your perfume and be passed to make gel.

The defense of Barcelona, and the singer they were the first to ‘disappear’ when it was decreed confinement, but have also been more calls have been made to the population, encouraging her to stay in their homes.

The couple he has not given up the contact with their followers and that that the professional projects that both began before the pandemic have suffered a break.

To stop the music now joins the decision of Shak stop producing their line of perfumes and switch to the manufacture of anti-bacterial gel.

After reaching an agreement with its partners in Puigthe colombian will produce hand sanitizers to donate it to Spain, the idea is to distribute it among the citizens in a time in which the demand is big and supply excasa.

Although there have been many celebrities that have offered their help to try to alleviate the consequences of the virus –Rihanna, Angelina Jolie or Elton Joihn among others, the singer hopes that with his gesture other companies in the sector will be encouraged to imitate her and start to produce what is now in short supply.

The perfumes that bear his name will return to the market once the situation calms down, now what that premium is the manufacture of face masks and disinfectants.

Knowing the mutual admiration felt by the player by the singer and vice versa we are confident that the words of admiration for the barca will not wait.

From here we get our own in addition to the thank you.