The short smaller I have Greeicy Rendon! And is it madness!


Greeicy Rendón it is a unconditional charity causes, when you need it, it is widely known that you are going to have with her, and this time was no different. The singer has put on a few shorts small to to publicize the initiative, which brings between hands.

Greeicy had the luck of the pandemic the pillara at home, at the side of Mike Bay and next to all of the pets that has formed your family.

During these days the couple has been argued, sung, worked separately on their music and shared moments in the garden, Greeicy has counted through their networks.

And would thus not have been aware of the initiative that was organized by the friend of the couple Alejandro Hoyos, better known as ‘Suso el Paspi’.

Suso is a showman colombian who is in charge of entertain everyday people of their country and knowing first hand the current situation of many people, has launched the initiative #AmigosdeCuarentena.

With this idea the comic you want contactand without the need of leaving your house, to people who need help with basic needs with those people who are willing to give it.

The initiative will benefit families of Medellin and Bogota in need of financial support, food, or help with paperwork.

As Greeicy and Mike have considered the idea of his friend worth, the colombian it has been put in front of a goal, with the shorts as small as you usually would to bring in to announce that she and Mike have decided to join the cause.

It is expected that with his image of the star, with the shorts usual –and that you are wonder – and with Mike, the help string can get to all the places that need it.

“It seems to us very beautiful and I think that for this we are going to all go out together,” says Greeicy, and it seems to us that you have chosen the best way to make it known to the public.


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