¡Jaque mate! Ivana Icardi exceeds Wanda Nara without any effort!


Ivana Icardi just show Wanda Nara how easy it is to take popularity without having to move a finger. The contestant of ‘Survivor 2020’ has achieved to overcome his sister-in-law without setting out to do so.

While Wanda is still in Paris locked in her home for fear of to contracting the virus, Ivana struggling to survive in Beach Helpless next to your brand new love Hugo Sierra.

The woman Mauro Icardithe front of the Paris Saint-Germain, take advantage of the lack of digital media Ivana to attack it ‘diplomatically’ and without being noticed too that makes.

Wanda has just published an interview in the inside of your home in which speaking of the coexistence with Mauro and his children during these days, thus responding to the accusations of Ivana of be little family.

And while, and only with a bathing suit, without food, and dowdy, sister of Mauro manages to overcome in popularity and fame to Wanda thanks to a message of love written in the sand.

A month ago that the ‘ex’ of Adara Molinero entered in the contest and in this time has come to fall in love with Ivana in a way so intense that only they understand.

To celebrate, they have exchanged messages very affection to the shore of the beach and have demonstrated to the world how much they giving a kiss movie.

The relationship of these two survivors is one of the most game is giving the program doing that the popularity of the sister-in-law of Wanda overachieved to the one you had before entering the reality.

Not thought Nara a beach devoid of all glamour could be the scenario for your enemy the ahead. But eye, that women’s soccer is one of the that responds and not of those that are silent, and but the time.