¡Bestial! You have worked hard to decide but in the end Rihanna has not hesitated


After a season of fallow musical and variety of companions, Rihanna goes back to what he does best, music. The singer ‘Umbrella’ had 3 years without releasing anything new, and now, returns.

The reason for its long-awaited appearance is not other than the release of the album ‘Partymobile’ belonging to the rapper Partynextdoorknown for collaborating with Drake, that was the ‘former’ couple ‘ of Rihanna, and with that it is said that it has become.

The collaboration of the Barbados with the rapper takes the title of ‘Believe it’ and you will have the honor of being his first song from the year 2017, after his latest single N. E. R. D when he disappeared musically.

The chemistry when they sing between Rihanna and PARTYNEXTDOOR is not new, comes from a long time ago. Both they shared one of the biggest hits of the singer and that coincidentally is a duet which he played with Drake.

Also much has been speculated with the possibility that the ninth work of the artist outside mainly reggae and apparently so is going to be.

What is not going to happen -and what they have also heard rumors – it will be the duet between ‘Ri’ and Lady Gaga. And despite the fact that the pools pointed to as a favorite –again – Drake, his voice will not be on the next work of the singer.

Everything points to ‘Ri’ you can finally fulfill your dream make a disk with the rhythms that she so much likes even though that’s what it becomes a product that’s less commercial than the previous ones.

Little seems to concern the singer the amount of income you generate in your new job with a more than healthy economy. Just make a donation millionaire -5 million dollars – through the foundation Clara Lionel to stem the crisis by Covid-19.

In addition to a musical talent unparalleled the artist is a person extremely generous.