As always! Angelina Jolie is the most generous when donating


Angelina Jolie can’t remember the times that he has rendered aid and who is the has request, to it, what matters is to cooperate when you ask him and is already. With the crisis of the Covid-19 the actress has returned to run to the relief of those who most need it paying your help in several ways.

Before the pandemic, the protagonist of ‘Maleficent’ made public the operations that had suffered two of their children –Zahara and John – with very few days of difference and the related in a letter after you have asked them for permission to do so.

The greatest of his offspring, Madoxxhad to leave college in a hurry and returning to his mother’s house the cancelled classes career: biochemistry who is studying at a university in South Korea.

And in these moments, also just to know that the actress be asked to a change in the measures on the custody to prevent that they can share time with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the same time.

But in addition to all of these roles of super momthe side philanthropic Angelina is very well known, the actress is never stops a cause hanging.

The current health crisis has been the cause of the ‘ex’ of Brad Pitt ran to offer his help to the organization ‘No kids hungry’ making delivery of a million dollars.

For its part, the Refugee agency of the UN he has also received a generous contribution of the actress because of this same virus. All of this is to unite the commitment of Jolie to support with the economic means schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia.

There are many famous people – and those that are not – that they want to collaborate to the whole world to come forward after this tragedy, but we must admit that Angelina Jolie is generous like mad.