The 3000 dollars most lucrative of Richard Gere in his entire career


I raise your hands if you think at the same time in Richard Gere and in ‘Pretty Woman’ ! It is impossible to speak of this actor without Julia Roberts we come also to the head. And it is your role to Edward Lewis and the 3000 dollars offered Roberts in the film have been the most rewarding of his entire career.

It is now when it is known that ‘Pretty Woman’ or I was going to have the end that had or was going to be called as it is called. The intention of the producer was that the protagonists end up each one by their side, and that tape is called ‘ $ 3000,’ referring to the amount that Julia Roberts called for in the movie by spending a week with him.

Unlike Gere, Julia Roberts was not the first actress who opted for the post of companion. Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer or Heather Locklear were the other names that it proposed, although in the end the role was for her.

The fee of $ 3000, which set the actress made the tape ingresara more than $ 200 million of 30 years agoapparently that amount was not only lucrative for Richard Gere.

Though the actor began his career in the year 1975 with the film ‘Report to the commisisoner’ and in 1982 gave the pitch with ‘Officer and a gentleman’ has been recognized that los 3000 dollars that was offered to Julia have been the most rewarding of his entire career.

And for Roberts those $ 3000 meant the definitive take-off as an actress since the luck was with him up until then.

Today both Gere as Roberts devote the bulk of their time to causes filántropicas and still be seen from time to time in the cinema.