Nicky Jam ¡mad as ever! to see his fiancée in a bathing suit


Nicky Jam is in love with to the bars and sees nothing that the funny side of lovebut is that Cydney Moreau do not put things easy to stop doing it. If you cause a sensation with it. when you put a bathing suit the singer goes insaneand you have reasons.

Not have been together for a long time, but to Nicky it has been enough for the past Valentine’s day propose marriage to Cydney.

With a sunset scene worthy of the best romantic movie the singer kneeled down upon his knee and the model had no choice but to say yes.

Jam is brimming with happiness not only by their commitment, the series ‘Nicky Jam: the winner’, starring himself and with which you want to give to know the effort that it took to become the artist we know today, continues reaping successes.

In addition to this, a week ago the artist celebrated her birthdayin confinement, but accompanied of Cydney, a birthday is different but in the best company.

A long time ago that the dummy left professionally the athletics to focus on his modeling career, working for the famous agency Wilhelmina Models.

And is now in the times of confinement when Cydney has recovered one of his jobs for Wilhelmina, and a well-known brand of swimwear.

Linsanity of the composer to see his girl as well it has reached unsuspected limits, therefore there is more to take a look at the publication to fall in love with the model.

Or the age difference between the two –has been more than ten years – has been a obstacle to that end pledging, or the professional commitments of one and another are seen as a difficulty to be together.

To Cydney he fell in love with the way of being and the topics of Nicky and the singer how to pose in swimsuit-model… among many other things!