¡Insane! The most beast of Frida Sofia unworthy to Angelique Boyer


Frida Sofia has found a new target to to throw your darts during the time of confinement, the controversial you are going and you do not know bite your tongue. Just direct a message of the most rough and beast to Angelique Boyer without measuring or a little bit of their words.

Frida Sofia says that afraid and that’s why do not leave home nor to buy the bread, trying to focus on prepare your new single but even with these.

Angelique Boyer has decided to not to abandon his professional commitments, your next soap opera ‘Empire of lies’ premieres in the month of may and has very little time to end of burning it.

That’s why, despite the restrictions, Angelique went to the set of Univision’s accompanied by his co-stars and commented this time on their networks.

Nothing more to see the publication, Frida Sofia returned to bring out his side more beast to attack Boyer, accuse it of being a fearless that you do not abide by the rules, dedicating strong words and some other insult.

The actress has been clear in its networks even if you are working with, and surrounded by peers is “taking the necessary measures” to prevent infections and the spread of the disease.

But what is certain is that neither the sessions of makeup prior to the recording or the concentration of staff offer any sensation of security.

Boyer defends itself by claiming they are many, many, many jobs that depend on this soap opera and that within all this madness it is best to stay active, but with caution.

What is certain is that, this time, Frida Sofia takes a large part of the reason though they have failed him the forms to the time to head to the actress, would have gotten a response from Boyer had talked with her less beast.

Boyer is still recording… and Frida Sofia continues at home.