I asked a stupid notion! Is sold house in Malibu and Anthony Hopkins


The actor Anthony Hopkins has brought to the market one of his many real estate properties to put it to the sale. Thanks to its career and your investments go with plenty of money, but now sells one of their house and to a price for something outrageous.

The property that comes to market is that Hopkins has at the top of a cliff in Malibu and that he bought about 20 years ago. Already by then the actor had to disburse nearly $ 4 million to be able to acquire it. And today, when it has been assessed to be able to put it price, it has been estimated that could reach 12 million dollars, it is clear that the move didn’t come nothing wrong.

The idea of the actor it is not to leave Malibu and look for another place in the world to hide, wants to stay in California, but apparently would be looking for a more elitist to live and let Point Dume that is where now resides.

It is known that the property account with only five bedrooms –and a bathroom in each one of them – that are spread over 400 metres, two lounges very spacious and a kitchen. The house is surrounded by a great garden area where Hopkins enjoys doing barbecues, account with a guest house where you have hosted movie stars and in addition a swimming pool is considerable, there is also a spa.

It is no secret that Hopkins likes to have guests in your home, and perhaps taking into account that in December will meet 83-year-old you are looking for a place large enough to accommodate all their guests.

Until you find a buyer, the actor will continue to live in it, has no intention of moving to any of the residences that has spread throughout California.

If you want to know what it feels like to live as himself Anthony Hopkins only need 12 million dollars and problem solved.


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