¡Brutal! This is the episode bloodiest in the life of Bruce Willis


The years pass but Bruce Willis remains as attractive as when I was playing the police ‘Forest of Glass’. Famous for come out unscathed of any impossible situation Bruce has been exceeded in the blood, action and bullets with his new job.

‘Survive the night’ is the name of the film whose trailer just know each other, and seeing how it called the movie, one can make a slight idea of what you will find in it.

Bruce becomes Frank, a sheriff removed you you will need to handle a gun when thieves threaten to jeopardize your life and the lives of your family.

The distribution of the tape is complete with the presence of the actors Chad Michael Murray, Tyler Jon Olson, Shea Buckner, Lydia Hull and Jessica Abrams and is directed by Matt Eskandari.


The producer Lionsgate has decided to brand new tape on-demand, that is to say in streaminggiven the current landscape presented by the cinema halls.

From 22 may, you can enjoy a Bruce Willis more bloody than ever, reason for which the rating he has received the tape is ‘restricted’ (R) suitable for audiences from the age of 17 years.

Despite being accustomed to scenes of blood and violence, the role of the actor in ‘Survive the night’ is with a difference the most bloody of all the characters that he has played todaythat without taking into account the vocabulary used along the tape and is not suitable for all ears.

Playing John McClane in ‘Die hard’ actor was capable of that income to reach the 83 million dollars, and only in Americaand , although it is known that the numbers will not reach those figures in the role of Frank, to have with Willis is always a claim.

Taking into account the time it does not you see on the screen and knowing the argument of the film is a good omen, that’s for sure.