Annekee Molenaar passes with De Ligt a quarantine different doing this


Annekee Molenaarthe young model Dutch who has managed to steal the heart of the defence of the Juventus of Turin Matthijs De Ligtknows very well how to pass the quarantine in the company of her boy. Unlike Agus Gandolofo, the pair of Lautaro Martinez, Annekee does not take advantage of the confinement to train with your partnerthey have simply decided to pass a quarantine different.

The football fans of the model is not now, your father Keje Molennar he was a professional player of the Ajax, Feyenoord and Volendam and that’s why Annekee known in advance the sacrifices of this sport.

Despite being a couple, and because of their professions, travel a lot and spend a lot of time apartfor this reason, the period of confinement taking advantage of this in a special way.

They have No intention of filling their nets with publications that tell how much you strive to remain in shape, they simply they want you to see that you can pass a quarantine different than if it is in the company of the person you want and without doing anything extraordinaario.

His future ‘father-in-law’ has stated be delighted with the relationship of Annekee and Of Ligtgives tips on football when the player asks, but says that has never interfered in the decisions that have to do with the future of football of Matthijs.

You can not say the same of his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldoas the last summer Of Ligt had several proposals on the table – Barça and PSG among others – and was the boyfriend of Georgina the one who encouraged him to land at Juventus.

Once finished, the running of the bulls, both Annekee as Of Ligt will return to attend to their professional commitments and will be more difficult for us to see images like this in which they don’t do anything, just dedicate to enjoy despite of the that is falling.