Anastasiya Kvitko and his latest outfit in full confinement


The confinement at the global level by the Coronavirus is making many of the instagramers that follow in Gift Rose Ball have to take a lot of imagination to be able to continue to feed your followers with content daily. It is not easy for anyone in this situation, but even less for those who are dedicated to upload post Instagram as a style of life and, above all, being this its major source of income. Anastasiya Kvitko is in their meat this nightmare.

In Russia, a country where resides the model, a long time ago that began the reduction of freedoms. Perhaps that is the reason why the country that presides over Vladimir Putin has managed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Anastasiya must be grateful to the quick actions of his government, but at the same time this is complicating her professional life.

We have seen how yesterday went up a picture by going to the gym. We understand that it is before that will happen with this, as you can see, by the light and by his clothes that it’s summer. With a top tight and short, leggings that always highlighted her spectacular figure and a bag, that without knowing much, it looks like worth more than a salary stream.

So is she, able to combine sport with the greatest of luxuries. And is that not at odds its sporting spirit with their desire to be liked and show you the best that you have.

Next, the photo has had reactions. Most will want to cheer, but there are some who tried to dig three feet to the cat and tell the model that they hope that that picture is old. “Are you jumping the confinement?” we espetaba one of his followers.

Anastasiya has not responded, well, not often, things as they are, interact a lot with their followers on their social networks. You would most like to teach and show talk. Each one is like and here we are not going to judge. Right now we get to enjoy photos of their past until they all pass. If you are as the yesterday few complaints we may have. We have entered the urge to go to the gym. Who would say.


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