Things get very ugly between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian


The history of the hatred between Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and the third one in discord, Kanye Westis going knowing by chapters. With the new installment of this ‘series’ is just to know that instead of leaving the water to calm down the couple of famous follows with the axe raised, on a war footing and without wanting to finish it, las things between the two are getting very ugly.

What is certain is that the idea of Kanye insult Taylor in his single ‘Famous’ it was not successful, and that the husband of Kim the called by phone to alert you to their intentions and to ‘ask for permission’.

And it is also true that the idea of Taylor of record that phone conversation sounds more to the film spies which two singers try to reach an agreement.

But despite the refusal of Swift to be mentioned in those terms in the single, West did and from here we put together the Crib.

Kim has always defended her husband claiming that Taylor was lying about the content of the phone call, but what is certain is that Taylor has evidence. Since the end of last week you know the content this phone call thank you ‘an alleged leak’.

Since then, the clan Kardashian it has not stopped giving wood to Taylor through your social networksthings between them go from bad to worse.

While the entrepreneur, multi-million dollar continuing to defend her husbandthe publicist Taylor has entered the scene by commenting on the most obvious: the singer never gave his permission for it to be insulted, not even in a song.

Surely that the replica of the marriage not be long in coming, although after knowing the content of the conversation has little room to defend themselves. Sometimes an apology is all that is needed to avoid greater evils, do not you think, Kim?