The heroines also fall, ‘Wonder woman ‘ 1984’ last


There are those who sin in cautious and stay at home as mandated by the authorities in quarantine and there is intrepid and trying to breaking the rules even if it is for the premiere of a movie. Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and many others have been affected in filming and premiere, but ‘Wonder woman ‘ 1984’, despite insinuating that I kept the original date, you are only going to delay a few days the premiere.

Now that takes the streaming and digital platformsthe producers of this film acknowledge that not have been raised for anything this option. The date scheduled for the viewing rooms, on the 5th of June, it has been moved to the beginning of August as a security measure. With this modification we ensure the paseíllo, the photocallflashes and revenue as succulent as it is raised with the first part.

Gal Gadot is the actress who gives life to wonder woman and although he has insured that he is dying of desire to see the billboard this second part, you prefer to calm fans by making them understand the decision taken by Warner Bros.

For his part, the director of the film, Patty Jenkins has supported both the decision of the Warner as the words of the protagonist, among other things because the only alternative would be to use the streaming and the special effects of the tape would be depletedthe impact that would cause would be nothing to see that offers a cinema screen.

Although it is difficult to believe, ‘Wonder woman’ is one of the movies most fortunate at the time to rethink the date of its premiere. Other products Warner as ‘In the heights’, the new musical Lin-Manuel Miranda or the new ‘Scooby Doo’ have been postponed on the calendar indefinitely.

“We hope that the world is safer and healthier for then,” with these words they dismissed Jenkins while he encourages us to wait for the summer.