So moves Elina Svitolina off the tracks while Monfils looks!


We just know that the tennis player Ukrainian Elina Svitolina in addition to giving the racket has art enough to devote themselves to the choreography the day that you park the tennis. And no, this is not one more way to kill time, and spend the confinement, Elina has accepted a challenge and has begun to dance it under the watchful gaze of Monfils!

The downside of sharing a profession with your partner is that Elina and Monfils living with the tennis 24 hours a day, why the number seven in the world has wanted to show their unconditional that in addition to being the queen of the track is the queen of challenges in addition to one of the past that circulates through the network.

What has not been achieved the player is that with your partner, join the dance following the rules imposed by the #VibeChallenge and they consist of dancing in a more or less fast during the beginning of the ‘challenge’ to go decreasing in intensity and to finish, as if you were frozen.

Monfils did not participate in the challenge… but he recorded the time and was blown away!

What is certain is that he has been quite surprised that the French player not to join the challenge knowing the humour and the character of the player, the same thing that’s why just recorded another video, in which the do get together, and where parody the bulls with gestures of fear every time you hear the word coronavirus. And that is what the Covid-19 is to blame for the suspension of the five biggest tennis tournaments, the Indian Wells, Miami, Mutua Madrid Open, Rome and Roland Garros in which both had to be present.

Are going through the confinement together and note that in addition to having time to give to the racket they know how to put the note of humor to the situation. The challenges no longer appear in the network, and there are still days to see if Monfils is booted, and not on the track.