Shopie Turner has had an accident! and the consequences are seen


Nothing can compare to the moment that is happening Sophie Turnereven when winter came to the land of the north and Sansa Stark it is peeled cold. And they don’t need to be in the house nor stand up to their husband or Jonas BrothersSophie has just had a plane crash… even if in the fiction!

We already know that it is prepared to all kinds of slipsthat the same a day gives you by become sophistication personified in the hand of Louis Vuitton which of the following is transformed into Jay Gray in the series of ‘X-men’, the versatility of Sophia as an actress is amazing.

But this time, she wanted to take it a step further and be the first to test the success of the new application called ‘Quibi’ and that will see the light next month in the united States. How could it be otherwise the application will film, of series that have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and that can be seen through the mobile.

Sophie has wanted to make guinea pig to interpret the series ‘Survive’ transferred to this new application.

Jane is the character who will perform with Paul, played by Corey Hawkinsand although it doesn’t know anything are the only survivors of the plane they were travelling and we don’t know very well how he ends up crashing into a snowy mountain.

The argument of ‘Survive’ seems to remember ‘Live’, the movie of yesteryear and another plane crash, although the difference is that both protagonists, in addition to fight to continue with life will face his personal demons. And be warned, the traumas that accompany each one are fat.

A large series that may be viewed on the smaller screens and the Sophie again to make clear that theirs is the cinema, although what passes fatal portraying some of his characters.