Shakira don hallucinates with Pique! and that the original idea was Messi


So it is up to the great stars of football they have been forced to entertain, and look for alternatives to the ball now that you can’t get out to the field. Lautaro Martinez learn to play the keyboard, Ciro Immobile test as an actor and Gerad Pique try with the rackets and the tennis under the watchful gaze of Shakira that hallucinates when he saw him, and that the original idea was Messi.

If any of you continue to wondering the reason for the compulsive buying toilet paper during these days, the husband of Antonella Roccuzzo you have found the answer to this. The reason was to initiate a ‘challenge’, a challenge using the paper rolls for another purpose quite different to that.

With the #10ToquesChallenge Messi became the toilet paper into a ball that you had to give ten touches without ever touching the ground.

And although the idea was for the argentine and labeled to Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal or Jordi Alba – but not Catalan- the defense of Barcelona decided to give a twist to the idea Messi and included a racket in the challenge.

The organizer of the new Davis Cup, Pique, has shown that it is also good to play tennis. And all under the watchful eye of Shakira, who was counting the strokes, without lifting a lot of the voice so as not to distract Pique.

And once you have achieved and surpassed the challenge, Shak shocked when you discover that your guy is so good with his hands as he is with his feet, he began to cry out and to call “genius” at Barca, as if Pique will need to follow to increase your ego!

Just before the start of the quarantine Shakira he had begun the promotion of their new jobs through Instagram and Twitter, and now that the business is located in’stand-by’there is nothing better than the challenge of your kid to continue to present in the networks.

It revealed the mystery of the toilet paper, who would have thought that this was his destiny!