Really? Seven years after rescuing the ‘Prison Break’


The technique of stretching the seasons of the series as if they were gum to keep the audience hooked it always works because at the end we have the feeling of ‘having made us friends’ of the characters. But what of’ Prison Break ‘and the return grille seven years after its alleged end almost that cries out to heaven.

Not even doing memory we can remember all details that should be in our head for follow with discretion the new seasonthe FOX finished the fifth installment with a denouement that left us rather cool and apparently more than one has seen the need to give back to this ‘the end’ that’s actually not told us anything.

The actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcellthe brothers and protagonists of the series, have shown their accordance with this kind of ‘sequel’ and just waiting for the call to get to the orders of his director.

For its part, the creator of the series Paul Scheuring although, in principle, he had his doubts about adding one more season, he ended up admitting that he would like to have a new delivery always and when it was something original that “tell a story worthwhile to tell.”

Fans of the series prisons are rubbing their hands together while waiting for a return that in reality not so much dependent on neither of the actors or director but you have your own FOX and business you see in this, the final decision will of figures, we’re not going to fool you.

On the dates in those that would see the light this continued and knowing the trajectory of the above, Wentworth Miller dares to venture that there are almost no possibilities that filming will start this year, but it also tells us that it is possible “that is wrong”, to know.

For the moment only are safe the desire of all involved to ‘Prison Break’ again to see the light. And that of his followers, who are also many.